Nyakasanga Development Community Foundation (NYAKU)

We are non-profit, non governmental organization registered registered by Kasese District Local Government as a Community Based Organization working under registration No 1061 and with offices located off Kabarole –Kasese high, on Star Guest House, Nyakasanga lower, Market street, Nyamwamba division, Kasese municipality in Kasese district, Western Uganda, Rwenzori region.
Water Sanitation & Hygiene

NYAKU responds to this by supporting the communities through construction of wells, water springs, extension of taps, installation of rain water harvesting tanks, construction of latrines or toilets and sensitization on proper hygiene and sanitation.

Health Programme

To help the school going girls and selected women in the community with menstrual-pads to help them in menstrual complications who have been using unhealthy and non recommendable materials like poylthene-papers.

Environmental Management

enhancing strategies of improving and protecting the environment and living in harmony through sustainable manner it includes components of ; environment conflict resolution and management, disaster management, advocacy and collaborative environmental management.

Micro Revolving loan fund

NYAKU has a micro business revolving fund scheme from which the rural communities especially the women acquire start up capital for their agricultural income generating projects. The loans are provided in groups although each member in the group gets it as an individual.

Education support of Vulnerable & Orphan Children

The rebels called Allied Democratic force (ADF) and NALU came in Kasese in 1996 and killed many people who left behind many children as orphan. This resulted in to illiterate because those children had no support in terms of fees payment.

Food security & Nutrition

NYAKU’s food security program supports the targeted rural communities with various agronomic training practices, improved cereal and legume seeds, animals, high value crops like green vegetables to ensure high yields for increased household food and nutrition security.


Nyakasanga Community Development Foundation (NYAKU) is a community-based organization working in Kasese District, which was formed with a prime focus of enhancing peaceful coexistence and livelihoods among the communities to have their right to development.


To provide the skills and knowledge to the under privileged strata of the community so that they can recognize and use the resource s around them for holistic empowerment


A healthy and productive community that lives in conducive environment.


Empowering people to become self-reliant/dependent community, living quality and dignified lives in peaceful co-existence.

Our Volunteers

The organization focuses its program areas in all sub-counties of Kasese district and was formed with a prime focus of enhancing peaceful coexistence and livelihoods among the communities to have their right to development.  Her formation was triggered by the growing appreciation that there has been considerably limited participation and support to the rural communities in development activities towards the implementation of millennium goals.