To Provide the Skills & Knowledge to the Under Privileged

Nyakasanga Development Community Foundation (NYAKU) is a non-profit, non governmental organization registered registered by Kasese District Local Government as a Community Based Organization working under registration No 1061 and with offices located off Kabarole –Kasese high, on Star Guest House, Nyakasanga lower, Market street, Nyamwamba division, Kasese municipality in Kasese district, Western Uganda, Rwenzori region.

    To provide the skills and knowledge to the under privileged strata of the community so that they can recognize and use the resource s around them for holistic empowerment

    A healthy and productive community that lives in conducive environment.

  • GOAL:
    Empowering people to become self-reliant/dependent community, living quality and dignified lives in peaceful co-existence.

  • Nam ac pharetra nibh dapibus tincidunt.

The organization focuses its program areas in all sub-counties of Kasese district and was formed with a prime focus of enhancing peaceful coexistence and livelihoods among the communities to have their right to development. Her formation was triggered by the growing appreciation that there has been considerably limited participation and support to the rural communities in development activities towards the implementation of millennium goals.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.


According to the assessments made by NYAKU, the water provision, hygiene and sanitation conditions in all our operation areas including schools is very poor and pathetic.


Educating the local people on ways of fighting HIV virus, that is majorly transmitted through having unprotected sexual intercourses with an infected person and use of unsterilized instruments.


The education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all children should receive free, good quality education.


Agriculture is the main activity of the total production in KASESE District. Most food got from agriculture is used for home consumption like 88% while the remaining 12% is for sale.


Nyakasanka Community Development Foundation (NYAKU) is voluntary and Non-governmental organization working in collaboration with Local Governments, Nongovernmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Women Groups, Youth Groups and others towards improving the social economic wellbeing of the rural and urban people of the Rwenzori Region. NYAKU is registered as a Community Based Organization with registration number 826 under Community Development Office, Kasese District local government.

NYAKU was initiated through the efforts of Mbambu Spacioza wished to reach the very poor people (the youth and women) of Rwenzori region through a wide range services such as human rights, income generating opportunities and empowerment since they have been marginalized. NYAKU believes that social development starts with women, and concentrates on fighting for human rights of most vulnerable women and girls in most vulnerable communities of Rwenzori region covering Kasese district, Ntoroko district, Kabarole district, Bundibuygo district, Rubirize district, Bushenyi district, and some parts of Northern Kivu province in Eastern D.R.C.

She mobilized othermember in the community to form a programme that would help in mobilizing funds, and it has slowly kept growing till up to date voluntarily reaching very many people in groups, families and also educate them more in developmental skills and creating self-reliance income generating activities which is improving the conditions of living of these people and has expanded the programme.

We empower human rights, conserve the environment and fight poverty in the communities of Kasese District and Rwenzori region at large.


1. Support and empower the community to identify and address potential environmental risks and promote environmental rights to a safe and clean environment.
2. To instill a spirit of project ownership to community through capacity building in NYAKU thematic areas.
3. To support self-help projects to the vulnerable community groups within the areas where NYAKU operates.
4. To improve health among communities.
5. To advocate for a green free environment from health associated disasters.


As long as we exist, our prime focus is to enhancing peaceful coexistence and livelihoods among the communities to have their right to development.