Project Description

Poverty is a significant challenge to human well-being, and its eradication is a high-priority goal for development.

Income Generating Activities

NYAKU supports women and youth to start up micro income generating activities like profitable agribusiness ventures including: mushroom growing, piggery, goats rearing, vegetables, fruits and sustainable businesses like soap processing and handcraft making among others.

NYAKU does this through entrepreneurship and business skills training and educating the women and youth to shift from subsistence agriculture to medium scale farming where they can have enough yields for household consumption and sell off the surplus to earn an income.

This has helped increase our farmers’ household incomes which has enabled them to send their children to school and access better health services.

Micro Revolving loan fund

NYAKU has a micro business revolving fund scheme from which the rural communities especially the women acquire start up capital for their agricultural income generating projects. The loans are provided in groups although each member in the group gets it as an individual.

In the group, each member co-guarantees the other to be able to pay promptly. The loans are paid back with a small interest to help other needy families to benefit from the same scheme.

To date, many of our farmers have established viable businesses like poultry rearing, animal husbandry, extensive vegetable growing among others.

Projects Ongoing
Donate Now

NYAKU has no sustainable income-stream and funding sources to run the above programs, so we rely on contributions from individuals and donor funds. The following are some of the funding sources;

(i) Internal sources:- Board contributions; sales (incomes) from projects; or any other funding mechanism established by the organization.
(ii) External sources:- Grants; donations; well-wishers’ contributions including gifts; and saving contributions.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.