Project Description

Protecting our planet by conserving its natural resources

NYAKU is working on tree nurseries and briquette fuel (charcoal alternative) to environmental conservation and empower women and the youth in the communities and areas of operation.

This will enormously strengthen NYAKU further more and enable it to perform its board activities of outreach to many communities within the region as scheduled by the management.

NYAKU has been able to support institutions and communities to plant over 70,000 tree seedlings of different species as a way to enhance community and hilly ecosystems. Resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change. This has been achieved through partnerships and support from Government, NFA, NEMA and the lower local government.

We therefore seek for partnership with you and request that you support us with 50,000 tree seedlings to distribute to our farmers.

Environmental Conservation
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To have sustainable briquette fuel project in which the very poor women and the youth. The Rwenzori region will get involved in small self enterprise of alternative source of energy of cooking fuel from locally wastes like banana peels, cabbage and many other locally available materials so as to conserve the environment which has been mostly degraded as result of charcoal burning and help the members to improve on the living standards by earning some income.


Our Environmental Conservation Program balances long-term conservation with sustainable use.