NYAKU program lies under the following thematic areas;-

  1. Environmental management

This aims at enhancing strategies of improving and protecting the environment and living in harmony through sustainable manner it includes components of ; environment conflict resolution and management, disaster management, advocacy and collaborative environmental management.

  1. Human rights and good governance

This program focuses on enhancing and understanding respect and observance of social economic and civil rights through training, education, research and advocacy. This has program components that include child rights focus, family violence protection, gender sensitivity and economic rights promotion

Currently NYAKU has dedicated itself to promote human rights within the areas of operation. This is especially girls and women rights which are being under minded by few rich people and unfair government policies being imposed on the people.  

However, much support is needed to expand and effect this project which may be in kind like mini magazines and posters, volunteering; financial and any other suggestive ideals are all welcomed.

  1. Economic empowerment

This program aims at having a savings and loans methodology that focuses on building the capacity of people fighting poverty through best practices of simplicity and transparency during operations. This is a community self managed system of the purest form of financial intermediation that has a component of livelihood support.

  1. Education support of Vulnerable & Orphan Children 

 The rebels called Allied Democratic force (ADF) and NALU came in Kasese in 1996 and killed many people who left behind many children as orphan. This resulted in to illiterate because those children had no support in terms of fees payment. Therefore, we started our organization to supplement the orphans in basic needs and fees payment. 

The education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all children should receive free, good quality education. The reality is that millions of the world’s children are too poor to benefit from the declaration, unless there are special interventions that target their development. Unfortunately, such children do not form a special social category in poverty eradication intervention programs. These programs, have helped many orphans to stay long in schools hence controlling early marriage and un necessary pregnancy.

Our organization is supposed to provide education skills and constructing school for those children. Therefore, we are seeking support from you to join us in any way of help. Our organization supports children in primaries only and we are looking forward to put them in all levels of education and we build young generations’ minds.

NYAKU is still launching From Street to Home campaign which is currently also ongoing project that helps the helpless  and homeless children between 5-16 years of age in finding a home for them, even well recognized very poor orphans have been incorporated in the project.  These are about 26 both girls and boys who are being supported in their homes at a moment though NYAKU has plans to have them in allocated in the children’s village. Due to inadequate funds, NYAKU is still helping the venerable children in their relatives’ radiances though NYAKU has future plans of establishing children’s village.

Currently, the few children are still requesting for more support which may be in kind;   financial, volunteering, materialistic and scholastic i.e. books, pens, pencils, rulers, mathematical sets, toothpaste, school bags, calculators, soap, tooth brushes, shoes  and  clothing.

  1. Health and Sanitation

This program aims at improving, promoting and reducing rates and impacts of HIV/AIDS epidemic within the community through training, education, networking and support. It has components that include sensitization campaigns about adolescent sexual, reproductive health issues and sanitation.

Hepatitis B & C and AIDS/HIV Education Project

We are also focusing on educating the local people ways of fighting Hepatitis and HIV virus since in Kasese District, Hepatitis and AIDS is becoming a major cause of death and it is more rampant in the fishing villages and slums of Kasese district respectively. There are reported clinical Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS cases in the District with a total number of 1,192 adults and 60 pediatric deaths totaling to 1,252 leaving an estimated population of 2,500 orphans.  Hepatitis kills faster than AIDs, therefore we have decided to make more awareness programmes on Hepatitis and HIV/AIDs

However, a lot of support and concentration is required in this project so as to expand it to other areas of operation especially in kind like testing kits/equipments, vaccines, condoms, financial and volunteering.

Health programme

To help the school going girls and selected women in the community with menstrual-pads to help them in menstrual complications who have been using unhealthy and non recommendable materials like poylthene-papers.

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Income Generatinig Activities

NYAKU supports women and youth to start up micro income generating activities like profitable agribusiness ventures including: mushroom growing, piggery, goats rearing, vegetables, fruits and sustainable businesses like soap processing and handcraft making among others.  

NYAKU does this through entrepreneurship and business skills training and educating the women and youth to shift from subsistence agriculture to medium scale farming where they can have enough yields for household consumption and sell off the surplus to earn an income.  

This has helped increase our farmers’ household incomes which has enabled them to send their children to school and access better health services

Food security and Nutrition

Agriculture is the main activity of the total production in KASESE District. Most food got from agriculture is used for home consumption like 88% while the remaining 12% is for sale. It remains however, a region with a poor rural population with the majority living below the poverty line. The majority of the households have a cash income of less than $1. About 88% of the economically active population has no formal employment. 

NYAKU’s food security program supports the targeted rural communities with various agronomic training practices, improved cereal and legume seeds, animals, high value crops like green vegetables, mushrooms, fruits apples, paw paws and avocado to ensure high yields for increased household food and nutrition security. This improves health among the communities due to reduction in nutrition related diseases like kwashiorkor.

Micro Revolving loan fund

NYAKU has a micro business revolving fund scheme from which the rural communities especially the women acquire start up capital for their agricultural income generating projects. The loans are provided in groups although each member in the group gets it as an individual. In the group, each member co-guarantees the other to be able to pay promptly. 

The loans are paid back with a small interest to help other needy families to benefit from the same scheme.

To date, many of our farmers have established viable businesses like poultry rearing, animal husbandry, extensive vegetable growing among others. 

Water sanitation and Hygiene

According to the assessments made by NYAKU, the water provision, hygiene and sanitation conditions in all our operation areas including schools is very poor and pathetic. 

The communities have no access to safe clean water i.e. no piped water in existence and they do not have pit latrines and those who have, they don’t observe privacy forcing the communities to practice open defecation thus polluting the environment and affecting the community and children with sanitation related diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, malaria etc

NYAKU responds to this by supporting the communities through construction of wells, water springs, extension of taps,  installation of rain water harvesting tanks, construction of latrines or toilets and sensitization on proper hygiene and sanitation.

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Nyakasanga Community Development Foundation (NYAKU) is a community-based organization working in Kasese District, which was formed with a prime focus of enhancing peaceful coexistence and livelihoods among the communities to have their right to development.