Our Projects

Nursery bed

NYAKU has set a nursery bed project in Kasese in which members are allowed to grow different tree species especially those that are demand by the public and even NAKU uses to supply to members of the society in areas of operation as we try to ensure environmental conversation in the region. In 2010, NYAKU gave out 20,000 tree species of pines to vulnerable families living on slopes of mountain Rwenzori affected by landslides and in 2011, the management decided to give away 17,000 tree species to members to plant in their gardens which help in protecting the soils and the crops in the gardens.

Briquette Fuel-Project

NYAKU is working on Briquette fuel- project which is the current also ongoing project of NYAKU since it is trying to empower women and the youth in the communities and areas of operation, this is providing alternative source of fuel and environmental conservation rather than wood fuel which is scare and dangerous to the society and environment as well

NYAKU welcomes support in any form which may be in kind; grinding mills, fabrication of briquette moulds, electric mixer, mixing bowels, steel trayers, sieves, wheelbarrows, hoes, racks & pangas, drums, iron plates for briquette, safety gloves, presses, carbonisation drums, solar dryers,  Motorcycle to transport finished briquettes, and idea suggestion. This will enormously strengthen NYAKU further more and enable it to perform its board activities of outreach to many communities within the region as scheduled by the management.

Reproductive & Sexual Health (Menstrual-Pads Project)

NYAKU also requires more support ongoing Menstrual –pads project which emphasis to uplift the health status of women and school girls in Kasese District communities and Rwenzori region which is the next target if support is secured. This is to help women and school girls in combating the high absenteeism problem which is due to sanitary infection facing the female gender in this community. NYAKU is still campaigning for adaptability of right materials for women and school girls to use while in menstruation periods, NYAKU is looking forward to resorting to adoptability of new reusable  clothe menstrual-pads which can be reused which are relatively cheap and less costly, thus being friendly to the environment that will reduce on their disposal. Though this requires mobilization and training of girls and women (12 years and above)  

NYAKU welcomes support in any form which may be in kind, materialistic i.e. tailoring equipments/sewing machines to start making their own pads, volunteering, educative, financial and idea suggestion. This will strengthen NYAKU to be able to achieve its aims and objectives as proposed by the board.

Piggery Revolving Project 

NYAKU is considering the piggery project which has benefited a few members so far since it has been lacking enough support. The beneficiaries here are especially women though the youth will be next beneficiaries since there is rotation of the pigs as new piglets are born, this is aimed at empowering women and the youth by earning small incomes from sale of young piglets and also developing skills in piggery caring. This will financially empower the beneficiaries and also reduce on poverty in families.

Much Support is needed since the project is planned to benefit the youth and this will surely engage them in the running the project which will be also rotational. This support can be in kind; pigs, poles and timber to cater for their shelter, animals’ feeds, and vetinary services, gum boots, financial or volunteering.


Health and Sanitation program.

  • Provided clean drinking water to Blessed primary school in kisinga subcounty
  • Sensitized communities of Kisinga and Kidodo on the need to drink boiled water.
  • Trained girls on menstrual hygiene
  • HIV/ AIDS awareness campaigns 
  • Trained women how to make cloth pads


  • NYUKU is running a nursery school starting from baby class to primary one ( 4 Classes)
  • Supported children with scholastic materials.

Economic Empowerment 

  • Supports women in credit and saving scheme
  • NYAKU has one nursery bed and briquette factory for income generating.
  • Supply of agricultural inputs, bee keeping , poultry piggery.

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